SEGI Program Information

SEGI stands for ‘Summer Entertainment on Granville Island’. The program runs on weekends and holiday Mondays from May 20 to September 4, 2017.  A busker licence is not required to apply for the SEGI program, however once accepted into the program, a busker must register and purchase a Granville Island Busking Licence.

The SEGI program is similar to the regular Granville Island Busking Program in that applicants must go through a juried audition process.  Applicants selected into the SEGI program will have first pick at two of the most sought-after busking pitches on Granville Island; Triangle Square and Public Market Courtyard. Our aim is to create a peak season program which showcases world-class talent and one-of-a-kind entertainers.

Requirements for all performers
  • Must be a unique, family oriented performance that engages the public
  • Must have a professional, fully rehearsed, well flowing show
  • Must have a consistently high quality performance 45 minutes in length
  • All accepted applicants will be required to register as Granville Island Buskers and purchase a busking licence
  • All accepted applicants will be expected to follow the Regulations of the Busker Program
Circle Shows & Variety Acts
  • Must be smooth, well-rehearsed, and unique with a defined beginning, middle and end
  • Must be safe and family oriented
  • Must demonstrate a high degree of proficiency and comedic timing
  • Must ensure that the audience does not block or impede traffic in any way. Buskers must actively move people forward and off the roadway throughout the entire performance. AUDIENCE SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT.
Musical Acts
  • Must have a diverse, extensive set list
  • Must demonstrate a high degree of musical proficiency
  • Any backing tracks must be created by the musician and are subject to approval
  • No karaoke style acts permitted

SEGI 2017 Application Package
The submission deadline is 5:00PM March 15.