Canada Day call for Granville Island licensed Buskers

As many of you know it is an incredibly busy day with programming all over the island that also involves music. There will be 5 outdoor busking locations that are pre-programmed between 10am and 9pm. We will create a schedule for this day for busking.

If you are interested in performing on Canada Day, please email us your availability:




Watch a short video of highlights from last year’s Canada Day festivities here.


Mon Jul 1 – No morning draw on Canada Day

Please note that there will be no Morning Draw on Canada Day as all of the outdoor amplified locations are traditionally pre-programmed. Outdoor acoustic locations available on Canada day are limited to Boatlift lane and Kid’s Market Courtyard. They will be BAYOR (Busk at your own risk) and available on a first come first serve basis – sign up in the usual location. There will be no busking at indoor locations available.

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