Granville Island Buskers

Granville Island is proud of its reputation for supporting lively street culture and greatly values the diversity of entertainment that buskers provide in the public realm. Artistic and cultural life is integral to Granville Island’s creative environment as it encourages performers from all backgrounds, abilities and through different mediums to showcase their craft.

Granville Island is committed to providing a safe, accessible and culturally sensitive environment for all. The Granville Island Busking Program welcomes local, national and international artists who specialize in creating accessible entertainment for all ages.Our aim is to establish an environment that encourages and enables a range of high-quality busking performances to thrive on Granville Island. 
We welcome anyone interested in busking on Granville Island to review our Busking Program Regulations prior to your application.
Please note:
The following INSTRUMENT RESTRICTIONS have been met for the 2017-2018 year: