R&D Business Systems Ltd. is looking for performers for their event on September 30th

Our company is looking for 2 or 3 buskers for an event we are planning for Friday September 30th from approximately 6pm to 10pm.  This is going to be a cocktail / dinner reception held at the Creekside Community Centre at the Athletes Village.  We are looking for clean cut professional buskers who can provide a variety of entertainment to a corporate crowd.  We are hoping to have somebody with musical skills and somebody who can do Magic, card tricks or similar.  We are not hard set on the style of entertainers, so others are welcome to apply.   Both would be expected to walk around the room and entertain the guests.  The main ‘working’ times will be the first hour during the cocktail reception and after dinner.  We expect to break for close to an hour for dinner. Buskers will be provided dinner and wages.  No tip jars will be allowed.


Thank you

Nick Faiola


BRANDLIVE needs you on Saturday, July 23rd and 30th from 7:30pm – 9:30pm

BRANDLIVE is a leading event production and creative agency, based in Vancouver, Canada delivering award-winning work for a diverse portfolio of local, national, and international clients. We know the best solutions often come from the most unlikely places, so we bring together a diverse team and an extensive list of in-house services, with a curatorial approach to each event we produce. We produce many events from the Honda Celebration of Lights, corporate events and galas.

We are looking for acts for this Saturday, July 23rd and 30th from 7:30pm – 9:30pm. Music acts, magicians, caricatures, and other interactive and creative acts! We are open to all talent. Performers placed at the entrances of the festival for maximum reach for performers and the public. Due to the event being a non-profit, the budget does not allow too much for entertainment. However we are able to offer each act $80.00 for the 2 hours, and the opportunity to sell CDs, receive tips, etc for extra revenue. In years past we have had 500,000+ in and out of the area, there is tons of room for exposure and interactions!

I will have an updated schedule and map for those who are interested and available! I look forward to hearing from you!

Sarah Unger
Production Assistant

Rocky Mountaineer : looking for a busker who would be comfortable being live on TV – July 19

Date: Tuesday, July 19

Time: 1PM-2PM

Organization: Rocky Mountaineer is a luxury tour provider operating out of Vancouver; bringing guests from around the world into the pacific Northwest and through the Canadian Rockies. Rocky Mountaineer has partnered with Sunrise, the highest rated morning show in Australia to live broadcast the weather to Sydeny from various locations along Rocky Mountaineer’s routes. We will be in Granville island from 1PM – 4PM.

We are looking for a busker who would be comfortable being live on TV, with a good personality who can play around with the host. The host is quite musically inclined, so we are looking for someone who can play an instrument and possibly play some Canadian songs (Brian Adams, Bieber, Celine, Shania, etc). We want there to be some banter between the busker and the host, and allowing him to join in on the busking.

I can be contacted at hstrath@rockymountaineer.com or 604 218 1958.

Is there anything else you require?



July 22 – Kamloops is calling you!

Downtown Kamloops is looking for performers to join us for Festival Friday of our Downtown Merchants Market! Join us Friday, July 22nd to liven up the streets with some amazing family-friendly entertainment and bring that ‘festival spark’ to our downtown core. This is a paid gig and we are able to supply accommodations. We are looking for someone willing to do 2 -3 shows (a few hours of performing).

We are looking for entertainers NOT musicians. Please email events@kcbia.com or call 250-372-3242 to get involved! Thanks so much!

Ali Webster
Events Coordinator

Project for Public Spaces is looking for performers!

Who: Project for Public Spaces (PPS) and Grandview-Woodland neighborhood partners.

What: Temporary street closure to make a pocket park for locals and commuters

When: July 15th, exact timeframe TBD
Where: East 8th Ave @ Commercial 
Why: As part of the lead-up for PPS and the City of Vancouver’s Pro Walk/Pro Bike/ Pro Place conference September 12-15, and after conversations with various local stakeholders and a site visit by PPS, it was decided that the Grandview-Woodland transit centre (Commercial and Broadway) would present an excellent opportunity for a public space demo project
After performing a few days of on-the-ground outreach and talking with partners in the neighborhood, we found that most people wanted more amenities like seating, and greenery and programming in the space that was reflective of the neighborhood’s character and values. Most folks we spoke to wanted to see art in the space, music, dance, unique merchants/vendors, or just a little more color.
Our goal is to connect with individuals and organizations who could help the neighborhood test our their vision for new public spaces around the transit centre by contributing their time, talent, or other forms of support to the project.
In this case, we’re looking for buskers who can show off their stuff and bring some good times to the thousands of people who pass thru the area each day. If you or anyone you know would be interested in coming out for the day’s event and helping create an awesome space for the people of Grandview-Woodland, please let us know!
We’re currently working with a First Nations artist to work on an art project, possibly with kids from the neighborhood, within the space. We’re also exploring partnerships with the public library, neighborhood groups, and nearby businesses to bring mobile reading rooms, local wares, and other programming to the space for the day’s events.
You can reach us at ebattista@pps.org, dleyzerovsky@pps.org, or 212-620-5660 x301 to discuss how to get involved!